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    SunSundayDecDecember14th2014 God With Us: The Only Answer To Our Problems
    byJason Draper Tagged God With us Isaiah 0 comments Add comment
    Isaiah 7.14

    1. Trust Him: He Gave Us A Sign

    2. Trust Him: He Came To Us

    3. Trust Him: He Is With Us

    What Ahaz Should Have Done:
    • Wait On The Lord - Divorce, addiction, debt... our problems come as a result of not waiting on the Lord
    • Abide
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    SunSundayDecDecember7th2014 God With Us: Hope For The Humble Micah 5.1-15

    1. Accept The Attack (v. 1, 5b-6b)

    2. Accept The Humility (v. 2-5a)

    5 Characteristics To Human Pride
    • It's Deceptive
    • It's Entitled
    • It Grumbles & Mumbles
    • It's Self Focused
    • It Looks Down On The Shortcomings Of Others
    3. Accept That You Are In The Minority (v. 7-9)

    4. Accept A Greater Hope In What's To Come (v. 10-15)
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    SunSundayNovNovember30th2014 Sharing The Gospel In A Post-Christian Culture Acts 17.16-34

    1. Know Your Mission (v. 16)

    2. Engage Your Culture (v. 17-21)

    3. Find A Bridge (v. 22-23)

    4. Speak The Truth In Love (v. 24-31)

    5. Reap The Fruit (v. 32-34)

    3 Responses To The Gospel
    • Hard Heart (v. 32)
    • Curious Heart (v. 32)
    • Eager Heart (v. 34)
    3 Things To Keep In Mind
    • Take The Unchanging Gospel
    • To Lost People
    • In A Changing Culture
    Audio HBCD_2014-11-30_GL.mp3
    SunSundayNovNovember23rd2014 Unashamed: Be Thankful Psalm 30

    1. Be Thankful, The Lord Has Rescued Us (v. 1-5)

    2. Be Thankful, You Are The Source of Nothing (v. 6-7)

    3. Be Thankful, God Did What Only He Could Do (v. 8-10)

    4. Be Thankful, He Turned Our Grief Into Joy (v. 11-12)
    Audio HBCD_2014-11-23_JD.mp3
    SunSundayNovNovember16th2014 Unashamed: Great Lengths
    byJason Draper Tagged Acts Gospel Unashamed 0 comments Add comment
    Acts 17.1-15

    1. Reason From The Gospel Message (v. 1-4, 10-12)

    5 Principles To Reason From The Gospel
    • Read It!
    • Pencil in notes & underlines in your bible
    • Memorize your favorite gospel verses
    • Write your testimony with the gospel scripture that changed you
    • Have a plan and be praying about it

    2. Take One For The Gospel (v. 5-9, 13-15)

    Audio HBC_2014-11-16_JD.mp3
    SunSundayNovNovember9th2014 Unashamed: The Salvation Power Of God Acts 16.6-40

    1. Worship In The Midst Of Suffering (v. 16-25)

    2. Wait On The Fruit That Comes Through Suffering (v. 26-34)

    3. Encourage Others Through Your Suffering (v. 35-40)
    Audio HBC_2014-11-09_JD.mp3
    SunSundayNovNovember2nd2014 Unashamed: We Have A Mission
    byJason Draper Tagged Acts Church Unashamed 0 comments Add comment
    Acts 15.36 - 16.5

    1. Our Mission Is To: Strengthen The Church (v. 36, 41, 16.5)

    Paul's Method:
    • Preach the gospel to lost people
    • Gather together locally those who believed the gospel
    • Appoint elders in each of the local gatherings/churches
    • Check back to make sure the churches were being strengthened in the Word of God

    2. Our Mission Is To: Stay On Mission Even When We Disagree (v. 37-41)

    3. Our Mission Is To: Raise Up Godly Leaders (v. 16.1-3)

    Three Points of Aim for Leadership:

    • A Godly Reputation
    • A Higher Standard
    • A Greater Sacrifice
    4. Our Mission Is To: Feed People The Word Of God (v. 16.4-5)

    Audio HBCD_2014-11-02_JD.mp3
    SunSundayOctOctober26th2014 Unashamed: What Must We Do To Be Saved Acts 15.1-35

    1. Avoid The Trap Of Legalism (v. 1-5)

    2. Consider That Salvation Is All God's Doing (v. 4, 7-9, 12, 16)

    3. Receive His Work Through Faith (v. 7-11, 15-18)

    4. Abstain from Idolatry & Immorality (v. 19-35)

    Responses For You To Be Free in The Grace Of Jesus Christ:
    • Focus on the cross a little more & your performance a little less
    • Lay your legalism/sin down at the cross now
    • Begin to thank god specifically for all He has done for you
    Audio HBCD_2014-10-26_JD.mp3
    MonMondayOctOctober20th2014 Unashamed: The Life And Times Of The Unashamed
    byGary Lisle Tagged Acts Unashamed 0 comments Add comment
    Acts 14.1-28

    What Does The Unashamed Look Like?

    1. Unashamed Preaching (v. 1, 8-10)

    2. Unrelenting Opposition (v. 2, 4-5, 11-13, 19)

    3. Unwavering Perseverance (v. 3, 6-7, 14-18, 20-23)

    4. Unceasing Praise (v. 24-28)
    Audio HBC_2014-10-19_GL.mp3
    SunSundayOctOctober12th2014 Unashamed: Let It Be Known Acts 13.13-52

    1. Appeal Through The Truth Of God's Word (v. 13-25)

    2. Proclaim An Answer For Sin And Death (v 26-38)

    3. Prepare For The Pushback (v. 40-45)

    4. Move On With Boldness And Joy (v. 46-52)
    Audio HBCD_2014-10-12_JD.mp3
    SunSundayOctOctober5th2014 Unashamed: Speak Up!

    Acts 13.1-3

    1. Seeking The Voice Of The Holy Spirit (v. 1-3)

    2. Obeying The Voice Of The Holy Spirit (v. 4-7)

    3. Expecting The Opposition To The Word (v. 8-11)

    4. Trusting The Spirit And Word Of Christ (v. 12)

    3 Ways To See Successful Evangelism In Your Life

    • Pray continually for lost people in your life.
    • Serve the lost even when it's inconvenient. Be humble.
    • Speak the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, crucified and risen for sin.
    Audio HBCD_2014-10-05_JD.mp3
    SunSundaySepSeptember28th2014 Unashamed: Uncommon Community - Members Pray Together Various Scriptures in Matthew

    1. Pray For Your Enemies (5.44)

    2. Pray Before God Rather Than Man (6.5)

    3. Pray Genuinely Rather Than Religiously (6.7)

    4. Pray Personally And Intimately; Your Father Hears You (6.9)

    5. Pray Hard For The Mission (9.38)

    6. Find Regular Solitude For Prayer (14.23)

    7. Pray With The Marginalized And Weak (19.13-14)

    8. Pray With Faith (21.22)

    9. Pray For Perseverance (24.20)

    10. Pray For A Willing Heart To Obey (26.36-39)
    Audio HBCD_2014-09-28_JD.mp3
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