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    SunSundayMayMay24th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - The Grace To Change - Luke 13.6-9 Luke 13.6-9

    1. Repentance Before Fruit (v. 6)

    2. God Does Not Delight In Fruitless Faith (v. 7)

    3. Repent & Bear Fruit Through Faith In Christ (v. 8-9)

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    MonMondayMayMay18th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Eternal Riches - Luke 12.13-21
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    Luke 12. 13-21

    1. Look Beyond The Possessions Of This Life (v. 13-15)

    2. Look Beyond Yourself With Your Excess (v. 16-19)

    3. Look To Steward All That You Have As From The Lord (v. 20-21)

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    SunSundayMayMay10th2015 Alive - When God Speaks
    byJason Draper Tagged Alive I Samuel 0 comments Add comment
    I Samuel 3.1-4.1

    1. See The Real Problem: The Rare Word Of God (v. 1-9)

    2. Listen To The Word Of God (v. 10-14)

    3. Receive And Pass On The Word Of God (v. 15-4.1a)

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    SunSundayMayMay3rd2015 Alive: Free From Worry
    byGary Lisle Tagged Alive Luke Worry 0 comments Add comment
    Luke 12.22-34

    How can I stop worrying about things in my life?

    1. Understand What Life Is (v. 22-23)

    2. Rest In God's Provision (v. 24-28)

    3. Invest Yourself In A Greater Kingdom (v. 29-32)

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    TueTuesdayAprApril28th2015 The Blessed Life - 2015 Harvest Women's Conference

    The Blessed Life
    2015 Harvest DeKalb Women's Conference

    Who wouldn't want to be blessed? In a world that defines blessing with ease and prosperity, if that’s what God promises His children, why am I still struggling?  Rather than lean on the world’s understanding, let’s go to the Word. Jesus actually has a lot to say about the citizens of His kingdom.

    Come for an evening of sweet fellowship and encouragement as we turn to the Sermon on the Mount and sit at the feet of Jesus as He shares with us what it looks like to live the blessed life.
    Audio Kristen Wisen - The Blessed Life - 2015-04-28.mp3
    SunSundayAprApril26th2015 Alive: The Narrow Gate To Life
    byJason Draper Tagged Alive Matthew 0 comments Add comment
    Matthew 7.13-14

    1. Seek The Provision Of God In Jesus Christ

    2. Heed The Warning Of Destruction (v. 13)

    3. Seek The Narrow Way (v. 14)

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    SunSundayAprApril19th2015 Alive: Dying To Live
    byJason Draper Tagged Alive Matthew 0 comments Add comment
    Matthew 16.24-27

    1. Follow Jesus' Life (v. 24a)

    2. Follow Jesus Through Self-Denial (v. 24b)

    3. Have An Eternal Perspective (v. 25-27)

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    SunSundayAprApril12th2015 Alive: Alive In Christ
    byJason Draper Tagged Alive Corinthians 0 comments Add comment
    II Corinthians 5.14-19

    1. Alive In Christ: Controlled By His Love (v. 14-15)

    2. Alive In Christ: Regarding No One By The Flesh (v. 16-17)

    3. Alive In Christ: Through The Ministry Of Reconciliation (v. 18-19)

    Audio HBCD_2015-04-12_JD.mp3
    SunSundayAprApril5th2015 Alive: He Is Alive! I Corinthians 15.1-22

    1. What Do You Believe Is Most Important In Life? (v. 3-11)

    2. Why Do You Believe It? (v. 12-19)

    3. What Difference Does Belief Make In Your Life? (v. 20-22)

    3 Evidences That You Have Been Crucified And Risen With Jesus Christ:
    • A willingness to proclaim your salvation in Christ
    • There is a putting off of former sins
    • There is a putting on of a new life in Christ
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    SunSundayMarMarch29th2015 Hope: Discovering Hope
    byGary Lisle Tagged Hope Luke 0 comments Add comment
    Luke 19.28-40

    3 Keys To Discovering Hope

    1. Surrender Your Agenda (v. 35-38)

    2. Be Willing To Change (v. 29)

    3. Put Your Hope In Jesus Alone (v. 40)

    Audio HBCD_2015-03-29_GL.mp3
    SunSundayMarMarch22nd2015 Hope: Hope For Spiritual Growth Ephesians 3.14-21

    1. God Wants To Give You A Deeper Walk With Him (v. 14-19)

    4 Ways God Wants You To Experience Him More Fully
    • A deeper walk with God in the unseen parts
    • A deeper faith
    • A deeper sense of the love of Christ
    • A deeper fellowship with God's people
    Audio HBCD-2015-03-22-JD.mp3
    SunSundayMarMarch15th2015 Hope: Hope For Marriage
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    Hosea 1-3

    1. My Sin Has Injured My Marriage (v. 1.1-9)

    2. Trust God To Do What Only He Can (v. 1.10-11)

    3. Love The One You Formerly Loved (v. 2.23b-3.5)

    Audio HBCD-2015-03-15-JD.mp3
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