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    SunSundayOctOctober4th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Revelation - The Final King - Revelation 1.1-19
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    Revelation - Faithful To The End
    Revelation 1.1-19

    What is the Book of Revelation?
    1. It reveals the glory, power & ultimate victory of Jesus Christ to encourage Christians of all ages in spite of Satan's apparent domination of this world.
    2. It is a letter written to strengthen the local churches at that time.
    3. It prophesies events that find fulfillment & meaning to churches in all places at all times.
    4. Because John was seeing things he could not explain in earthly categories, Revelation is very symbolic.
    5. Revelation constantly borrows ideas from the Old Testament.

    1. Jesus Christ is in control when my world feels out of control (v. 1-9)

    2. Jesus Christ is glorious and powerful even when His glory and power seem absent (v. 9-20)

    3. Jesus Christ will return to judge the earth, but has spoken assurance to us who believe (v. 19)

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    SunSundaySepSeptember27th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Making Disciples - Building A Strong House Of Faith - Galatians 6.1-10 Galatians 6.1-10

    1. Build With An Atmosphere Of Grace (v. 1-2)

    2. Build With An Attitude Of Humility (v. 3-5)

    3. Build With A Heart Of Generosity (v. 6-8)

    4. Build With A Spirit Of Perseverance (v. 9-10)

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    SunSundaySepSeptember20th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Making Disciples - When Christ Is Supreme In The Church - Heb. 13.8-17 Hebrews 13.8-17

    1. The Church Is Distinct From The World (v. 1-14)

    2. The Church Is Sacrificial In Worship Of Him (v. 15-16)

    3. The Church Is Submissive To Its Leadership (v. 17)

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    SunSundaySepSeptember13th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Glorifying God By Making Disciples - Faithful To The End - 2 Timothy 3.1-5; 10-17 2 Timothy 3.1-5; 10-17

    1. Be Ready For An Increasingly Wicked Environment (v. 1-5a)

    2. God Is Calling Us To Remain Faithful To The End (v. 10-17)

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    SunSundaySepSeptember6th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Glorifying God By Making Disciples - Set Apart - Isaiah 6.1-8 Isaiah 6.1-8

    1. Set Apart In Glory (v. 1-3)

    2. Set Apart In Humility (v. 4-5)

    3. Set Apart In Atonement (v. 6-7)

    4. Set Apart In Response (v. 8)

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    SunSundayAugAugust30th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Glorifying God By Making Disciples - What's All The Joy About? - Philippians 1.3-6 Philippians 1.3-6

    1. Partnership Spreads Encouragement And Joy (v. 3)

    2. Partnership Fans The Flame Of Prayer (v. 4)

    3. Partnership Raises High The Cause (v. 5)

    4. Partnership Resounds The Promise (v. 6)

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    SunSundayAugAugust23rd2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Are You Ready For It? - Matthew 25.1-13 Matthew 25.1-13

    1. Be Wise And Alert (v. 1-2)

    2. Be Ready For A Time You Will Not Know (v. 3-5)

    3. Be Vertical And Forward In Your Faith (v. 6-11)

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    SunSundayAugAugust16th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Amazed By His Grace And Mercy - Matthew 19.27-20.16 Matthew 19.27-20.16

    1. Trust That You Will Be Rewarded (v. 19.27-30)

    2. Be In Awe Of God's Generous Grace & Mercy (v. 20.8-9)

    3. Do Not Begrudge God's Generosity (v. 20.10-16)

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    SunSundayAugAugust9th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Forgiving The Unforgiveable - Matthew 18.21-35 Matthew 18.21-35

    1. Forgiveness Without Limits (v. 21-22)

    2. Forgive As A Child In God's Kingdom (v. 23)

    3. Forgive As God Has Forgiven You In Christ (v. 23-27)

    4. Don't Presume God's Forgiveness When You Won't Forgive (v. 28-32)

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    SunSundayAugAugust2nd2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Fundamental Truths About The Kingdom - Matthew 7.24-27
    byGary Lisle Tagged Eternal Matters Matthew 0 comments Add comment
    Matthew 7.24-27

    1. You Have To Choose The Right Foundation

    2. The Right Foundation Involves Both Hearing & Doing

    3. The Consequences Of Not Having The Right Foundation Are Nothing Short Of Catastrophic

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    SunSundayJulJuly26th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Share The Wealth - Matthew 13.51-52
    byJason Draper Tagged Eternal Matters Matthew 0 comments Add comment
    Matthew 13.51-52

    1. First Seeking To Understand (v. 51)

    2. Accepting The Training Regimen (v. 52a)

    3. Telling What The Lord Has Done (v. 52)

    4. Proclaiming What The Lord Has Said (v. 52)

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    SunSundayJulJuly19th2015 Harvest DeKalb - Eternal Matters - Knowing What You've Got - Matthew 13.44-45
    byJason Draper Tagged Eternal Matters Matthew 0 comments Add comment
    Matthew 13.44-45

    1. Do You Realize The Treasure That You Have?

    2. Are You Sacrificing To Obtain The Treasure?

    3. Are You Guarding The Treasure?

    4. Are You Remembering The Price God Paid For You?

    Audio HBCD_2015-07-19_JD.mp3
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